In her quest to live a healthy vegan lifestyle, Cardi B is receiving help from an unexpected source: actress Drew Barrymore.

The unusual team-up comes after Cardi posted a message on Twitter earlier this month, asking fans for advice on meat alternatives.

Among the responses she received was one that read, “Cardi B, hi. My name is Drew. I am one of your biggest fans ever. And I didn’t dream that I would be reaching out to you until I saw the article about you saying that you don’t want to eat meat and I feel the exact same way.

I have been looking for meat substitutes my whole life and I found it.” Barrymore went on to recommend meat substitutes produced by Quorn — a company that just happens to list her as its “Chief Mom Officer.” It’s unclear if Cardi has taken Barrymore’s advice.


Do you think people need a little meat in their diet?