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DeDe’s DM #1 Step-Mom

We all know the step parent role is a hard one to be in or deal with especially if you are dealing with step-moms like this…
DeDe in the Morning was contacted after a woman says her child’s step-mother bought her self a necklace that says “#1 Mom” . How would you react to another woman calling herself the #1 Mom? Our listeners had a lot to say check it out!




DeDe’s DM Wants to Stop Her Ex’s Wedding!

Would you stop a wedding if you were still in love with the person getting married? DeDe in the Morning got a DM about a woman saying that her ex is getting married but it’s too soon, she is still in love with him and she thinks he’s making a mistake. She is asking DeDe if she should stop the wedding! Listen and find out if DeDe said to do it, and you have to hear what the listeners had to say about DeDe’s DM…





DeDe’s DM

It goes down in the DM especially in DeDe in the Morning’s! A young lady contacted DeDe abut her mom using a handicap sticker, but the mom isn’t handicap. The girl gets really embarrassed by her mom parking in handicap and sometimes even faking a limp, the daughter is tempted to report her mom to authorities and doesn’t know what she should do. You have to hear what advice the team and some listeners gave the young girl….

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