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Astrologist Tracy Knows All About Your Sign

What’s your sign? No this isn’t a pick up line, DeDe In the Morning had astrologist Tracy L. Rogers come in to talk horoscopes. According to Tracy your sign can tell you a lot of things about your futre, love life, health or your general energy overall. Find out what your sign is saying about you…

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DeDe in the Morning was surprised to find out one of her friends had split up from her husband but they were still living together, DeDe is realizing that this situation happens a lot more often then she thought. So DeDe wanted to know from our listeners if they have ever been in a situation where you broke up but still have to live together? Listen to these living arrangements!


Diddy and Cassie Break Up

Diddy and Cassie have had a “relationship” for a very long time, the couple met in 2007. Diddy never claimed a relationship or made it publicly official until recently, the two were allegedly engaged to be married, but not any more. The rumored reason may be due to Drake flirting with Cassie! Were you ever in a relationship for 10 or more years that eventually ended? Listen to how long some of our listeners lasted in their relationship before they broke up…

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Diddy and cassie

Lil Duval wants Oprah!

The number 1 song on the top of the Billboard charts for weeks has been Lil Duval’s “Living My Best Life” and that is exactly what he has been doing, but he is still looking for love. Lil duval has his eyes on one very special lady Oprah according to Duval he has a chance…

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