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Diddy and Cassie Break Up

Diddy and Cassie have had a “relationship” for a very long time, the couple met in 2007. Diddy never claimed a relationship or made it publicly official until recently, the two were allegedly engaged to be married, but not any more. The rumored reason may be due to Drake flirting with Cassie! Were you ever in a relationship for 10 or more years that eventually ended? Listen to how long some of our listeners lasted in their relationship before they broke up…

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Diddy and cassie

Michael Shawn says “You Doing Too Much!”

We all know someone that is doing too much, well Michal Shawn has a list to let you know “You Doing Too Much!”
Someone stole $98,000 worth of…
A 75 year old man was arrested after using the oldest profession…
Someone smacked Bill Cosby in prison with a…
Find out how these people are Doing Too Much and listen to what DeDe In The morning and Lady Jade thought about these people!

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Bill Cosby Convicted!

The conviction is finally in after a very long trial, multiple women’s testimony’s and Bill claiming his innocence all this time, Bill Cosby has been sentenced to 3-10 years for drugging and sexually assaulting many women over the course of many years. Many families were devastated to find out one of their childhood hero’s had a dark side, though there is no DNA proof the many testimonies sealed his fate for a prison sentence. Due to Bill Cosby’s celebrity status he will most likely be kept in solitude. Find out what former prosecutor and legal analyst Yodit had to say about the case, and how DeDe in the Morning and the rest of the team felt about the conviction …

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Comedian Shawn Wayans

We all love the Wayans brothers and Shawn Wayans is no exception. DeDe in the Morning had to get the exclusive out of him, so she asked about a ‘In Living Color” reboot and if there will be a “White Chicks” 2?

Find out what Shawn Wayans confirmed or didn’t deny…


DeDe Launches DedeMcguireFoundation.org

The DeDe McGuire Foundation creates stronger families & communities by strengthening the role of women & mothers in the families.


The DeDe McGuire Foundation creates stronger families and communities by strengthening the role of women and mothers by offering scholarships to women whose higher education was interrupted or derailed because of family, personal obligations or financial assistance.

The Foundation’s primary goal is to assist low-income women and mothers furthering their education with financial means. The DeDe McGuire Foundation helps women with a second chance to obtain a vocational, collegiate or university degree. CLICK HERE to Sign Up For Financial Assistance.

Hennessey Congratulates DeDe In The Morning