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Stop Acting Like a WIFE, when you are just the GIRLFRIEND!

Lady Jade went over a list of rules for ladies and one of them was ” Stop acting like a WIFE, when you are JUST a GIRLFRIEND!” and lets just say our phones started ringing off the hook! Our listeners really had an opinion on that statement. Lady jade agreed with the rule but DeDe In The Morning needed to know what does acting like a wife mean? Drop a comment and let us know what you think about that statement and listen to the link below to hear what our listeners and the DeDe In The Morning Team thought…

Bill Cosby Convicted!

The conviction is finally in after a very long trial, multiple women’s testimony’s and Bill claiming his innocence all this time, Bill Cosby has been sentenced to 3-10 years for drugging and sexually assaulting many women over the course of many years. Many families were devastated to find out one of their childhood hero’s had a dark side, though there is no DNA proof the many testimonies sealed his fate for a prison sentence. Due to Bill Cosby’s celebrity status he will most likely be kept in solitude. Find out what former prosecutor and legal analyst Yodit had to say about the case, and how DeDe in the Morning and the rest of the team felt about the conviction …

[Click and listen]

Michael Shawn had a Relapse

Michael Shawn came into work and Dede in the Morning knew something was wrong, Mike claimed to be tired but Lady Jade and DeDe have worked with him long enough to know it wasn’t just a lack of sleep. Michael Shawn admitted on air he did slip up and have a drink! If you don’t know Mike, he does have a drinking problem that he has been getting help for, including going to meetings and having a sponsor. DeDe in the Morning called out for our listeners to share love, support, and any information on programs or counseling he could use. Michael Shawn’s family isn’t always with him so DeDe wants to make sure he knows we are his family and we will support, help and love him as much as he allows. Check out the on air intervention and drop a comment to show support for Mike!

Comedian Shawn Wayans

We all love the Wayans brothers and Shawn Wayans is no exception. DeDe in the Morning had to get the exclusive out of him, so she asked about a ‘In Living Color” reboot and if there will be a “White Chicks” 2?

Find out what Shawn Wayans confirmed or didn’t deny…