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Michael Shawn’s Barbershop Talk

If you are married is it better to have a joint or separate bank account?When Michael Shawn is with his boys at the Barbershop they like to talk, and this time Mike had to ask about bank accounts. What the guys had to say at the shop might really surprise you and so will DeDe in the Morning’s opinion!
Find out what they thought and what some of our listener’s situations are…




Stories from the Hood: Carwash Merchandise

Breeze is all about getting a good deal especially in the hood. He was hanging out at the carwash when the crack head Cowboy came through with lots of possible Christmas gifts that may or may not have fallen off the back of a truck. Breeze knew he was getting hooked up until he saw the cops pull up.
Find out how Breeze used DeDe in the Morning as his excuse for having stolen gifts…