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Things You Shouldn’t Say on a Dating Site

It seems like everyone is using online dating now-a-days and the things you have on your profile are pretty much the first impression people get. Sometimes that first impression isn’t the best, there are some things you just shouldn’t say on a dating site. Listen with DeDe in the Morning to hear the Do’s and Don’ts of a dating site profile.


Michael Shawn Trying to Swerve the Side Chick!

If you don’t know by now Michael Shawn loves a good side chick, but that’s where he wants to keep them on the side, one of Mike’s girls called DeDe in the Morning to find out where he is because he hasn’t been answering her calls after promising to take her to a Super Bowl party. Mike wanted to avoid her until she said she was getting her tax return money… Find out if Michael Shawn is going to call her for that money or if he is going to keep running.