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Do you like movies but like your money more? Would you want to know if the movie will be worth your money? Then check out A Mexican And A Movie! Key Note will watch the movie for you and let you know how many beans (not stars) he rates it.
Find out if Goosebumps 2 will be worth the watch!

Barbershop talk with Michael Shawn

The barbershop for most men is like weekly therapy a place where the guys can talk about anything. This week Barbershop Talk with Michael Shawn is all about the money! How much can you spend with out having to tell your girl? Listen to hear what DeDe in the Morning thought about these guys answers, you may be surprised…

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Stop Acting Like a WIFE, when you are just the GIRLFRIEND!

Lady Jade went over a list of rules for ladies and one of them was ” Stop acting like a WIFE, when you are JUST a GIRLFRIEND!” and lets just say our phones started ringing off the hook! Our listeners really had an opinion on that statement. Lady jade agreed with the rule but DeDe In The Morning needed to know what does acting like a wife mean? Drop a comment and let us know what you think about that statement and listen to the link below to hear what our listeners and the DeDe In The Morning Team thought…