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DeDe in the Morning’s $1000 Minute Game

With less then 10 seconds on the clock and two questions left to correctly answer, could you get them right if they were worth One thousand Dollars? You have to hear how lucky this listener got! Everyday you have two chances to win $1000 all you have to do is call DeDe in the Morning and Play the Thousand Dollar Mimnute Game, you have answer 10 easy questions correctly in 60 seconds but if you can do that you could win a stack. Get ready for your next chance to win, listen to DeDe in the Morning!

DeDe’s Date Fail

DeDe in the Morning loves a great date but not all first dates go according to plan, young lady contacted DeDe to get some help. She went on what she thought was a good Netflix and Chill date, but when all the cuddling was done she didn’t get a call back!  After hearing what he had to say about the date we are wondering did he dump her or did she DUMP on him? You have to hear how bad he said this date stank, find out what happen on DeDe’s Date Fail…